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We strive to make small businesses thrive and become more profitable. Our client portfolio is composed of 8000+ companies in 50+ industries. We cater to hairstylists, retail stores, gas stations, doctor’s offices, fast food chains, lawyers, architects, government contractors, and more. Our business model gives us the ability to customize a unique solution for your business needs.

IT & Government Contracting

Working with the federal government can be great for your business, but it comes with a new set of problems, namely: compliance. XcelHR shines the spotlight on HR compliance issues so you are never caught off-guard by precarious employee issues.

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Franchise Owners

In a multi-state enterprise, it is often daring to sustain organizational effectiveness. Every state has distinctive laws you need to adhere to and different methods to administer them. It can be challenging to ensure compliance in every area of your enterprise. With us, you can build an influential corporate culture, meet compliance requirements, and address employee issues with ease.

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Health and Medicine

As healthcare providers, your role is to heal the sick. Ours is to assure you do it safely, with the proper policies in place. We use HRIS softwares to track employee certifications and ensure no licenses ever expire. Plus, our regulatory team advises you on how to keep your business compliant with the federal, state, and local laws.

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Workplace safety is the #1 concern for employers in high-risk industries. Inadequate insurance, improper training, and vague safety guidelines can lead one’s business to utter bankruptcy. If you work with us, you will receive the proper protection required for your business, appropriate safety trainings needed for your team, and counseling to administer policies that protect you from lawsuits and claims.

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Skilled Trades

In a high-risk environment, XcelHR takes all the necessary precautions to manage your employees and your business.

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Professional Trades

Whether you are a law firm, an accounting group, or film editing company, your work is time sensitive and confidential. Your company’s activities are under the scrutiny of many governmental and non-governmental organizations making you easy prey for lawsuits and fines. You need a partner who understands your challenges and can protect you from costly oversights. Our services enable you to have more time and control over client services.

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