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Our training specialists are seasoned professionals who teach clients on how to utilize and navigate through our HRIS softwares. They provide on-going support for XcelHR’s software systems: Connect, JazzHR, TIMECO, and much more. All of these programs are available to you under a single login. They provide training and customize a unique account that meets the client’s business requirements.


One stop for all your HR needs

Run your human resource department like a well-oiled machine with XcelHR Connect. Connect is XcelHR’s cloud-based, paperless human resources software. This user-friendly platform is tailored to meet your company’s unique requirements. With this software, you can onboard your employees, store sensitive documents, enroll in benefits, track labor hours, process payroll, run reports and more.

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Making clocking in painless

TIMECO brings you the modern time clock you’ve been looking for. Its automated, web-based and customizable time clock features can be adapted to fit your unique workforce. Reduce time entry errors to less than 1% and approve payroll in under 2 minutes with TIMECO.

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Hassle free hiring with JAZZHR

XcelHR has partnered with JazzHR to give you advanced recruiting tools that will help your company re-shape its entire recruiting process. JazzHR has all the essential tools your company needs to get organized, collaborate with team members and start hiring the right way, right away.

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