Health and Medicine

Our services help your practice thrive

You have made an oath to use your ability to treat the sick. Ours is to help you do it effectively and successfully.

Set notifications for important deadlines

XcelHR’s cloud-based software, Connect, helps you set rules to track certifications and licensing, so you are alerted before they expire.

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Avoid payroll migraines with XcelHR

With XcelHR, you can begin onboarding and paying your employees right away. We help you avoid payroll and tax pitfalls like minor typos or larger issues like employee misclassifications.

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Talent is out there. Can you find it?

XcelHR’s recruiting experts can write job descriptions, post jobs, source candidates and conduct initial screenings and interviews for you. Our recruiting software, JazzHR, helps you track the candidates’ progress through the recruiting process, so your days don’t revolve around recruiting.

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A paycheck isn’t as persuasive as it used to be

One of the best ways to keep your talent from decamping to the competition is to have robust benefits. When you partner with us, you can give your employees the benefits they want and deserve. We pick out the perfect benefits package for you and your employees, covering everything from doctor visits to theater tickets.

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You have a million and one things to do

Employee administration shouldn’t be one of them. XcelHR takes care of the mundane and time-consuming administrative tasks, saving you time, money and stress.

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