Take some of the sting out ofrunning a business

When you’re running a small business, you’re often juggling multiple administrative tasks at once with limited resources. It’s hard to keep a consistent eye on HR operations and legal compliance when more urgent business matters demand your attention. Luckily, we exist to handle the nuts and bolts of HR operations for resource-strapped businesses.

employment law

Compliance risk

We perfect your current HR procedures and help develop new policies to support your operations effectively and keep your team from making costly mistakes.

labor law

Operational HR risk

We assist you with the human resources issues so you can have the ability to focus on strategic objectives. We are here to combat skill shortages and offer benefits to prevent losing key employees.

protection shield compliance

Financial risk

We provide a system for checks and balances that keep paycheck and benefit deductions controlled, minimizing your risk for mistakes and wage & hour issues.

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We offer free HR audits to small business owners who need help with HR, payroll and benefits.

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