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When you’re working with clients, your job is to fill their needs.

They have a problem and you fix it. XcelHR does the same for your business. We take a hard look at your current HR practices to identify areas for improvement. We help you put strategies and practices in place to decrease costs and save time.

Compliance is the name of the game

XcelHR’s products and services are FAR and DCAA compliant. Our HR experts help keep you on track, so you aren’t caught off guard by law changes or employee issues, specifically laws like affirmative action and the SCA.

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Get a tool equipped to handle the demands of your workforce

XcelHR’s timeclock software, TIMECO, allows you to create jobs and expense classifications which include the ability to use direct and indirect costs. Your employees can input actual hours worked, along with any paid or unpaid additional time. You can track projects, users and add detailed notes and descriptions to better estimate costs for a specific job. TIMECO is also DCAA-compliant which allows for audit trails so working with the federal government is a breeze. Not to mention, audit reports help you prepare for future jobs and ensure costs were properly assigned.


Government contracting can be intense

The government contracting landscape is an entirely different beast when compared to the private sector. We help you comply with contractor-specific acts, programs, and executive orders so you aren’t left shaking in your boots.

Service Contract Act (SCA)

The SCA requires federal contractors to pay the current minimum wage and fringe benefits (such as health insurance or company car usage) to service workers on federal contracts. XcelHR provides benefits guidance for federal contractors with SCA-eligible contracts.

Executive Order 11246

Executive Order 11246 prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin. XcelHR provides guidance on equal employment laws regarding affirmative action plans and reporting so you are compliant.

Vocational Rehabilitation Act

The Vocational Rehabilitation Act protects individuals with disabilities from employment discrimination and requires certain federal contractors to hire workers with mental or physical disabilities and make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. XcelHR helps federal contractors comply with these regulations.

Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA)

VEVRAA helps protect returning veterans and veterans with disabilities against employment discrimination. XcelHR helps ensure employers with federal contracts meet compliance regulations.

Davis Bacon Act

The Davis Bacon Act requires employers with certain construction federal contracts to pay workers the current minimum wage and fringe benefits. XcelHR administers benefits and manages payroll for employers so they are always in compliance.

Copeland "Anti-Kickback" Act

The Copeland Act requires employers with certain construction contracts to pay their employees weekly and submit weekly payroll reports. XcelHR’s payroll software helps contractors submit, track, and review payroll and payroll reports from anywhere.

Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA)

The Walsh-Healey Act requires federal contractors that make, handle or ship goods for the U.S. government to pay certain service workers the current minimum wage and entitles them to overtime pay. XcelHR manages paying your employees to ensure compliance with wage and hour regulations.

Veterans’ Employment And Training Service (VETS)

The VETS program requires employers with federal contracts to collect and file annual reports accounting for the number of protected veterans hired during the calendar year, and the number currently working for them. XcelHR manages data records and submits annual reports for our clients.

We keep you and uncle sam on the same page

Working with the federal government can be great for your business. But it also a whole new set of problems, namely: compliance. We shine the spotlight on HR compliance so you are never caught off-guard by precarious employee-related issues. Our HR outsourcing services cover the range of employee management needs.