Professional Trades

Bring your expertise to the spotlight with XcelHR

Running or managing a business is difficult. You can be pulled in so many directions that your work performance diminishes, and the quality of your output sometimes suffers. To solve this issue, work with XcelHR to keep the quality of your services up to par.

Attract & retain the talent you want

Get true Fortune 500 level benefits with XcelHR. Choose the plans best suited to your employees and their needs.

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You have a million and one things to do

Employee administration shouldn’t be one of them. XcelHR takes care of the mundane and time-consuming administrative tasks, saving you time, money and stress.

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Struggling to fill open positions? Let us help

XcelHR’s recruiting experts can write job descriptions, post jobs, source candidates and conduct initial screenings and interviews for you. Our recruiting software, JazzHR, helps you track the candidates’ progress through the recruiting process, so your days don’t revolve around recruiting.

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Track certifications and licenses easily

XcelHR’s cloud-based software, Connect, helps you set rules to track certifications and licensing, so you are alerted before they expire.

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