Investing in your employees is aninvestment in your business, and its future.

You can change the way your employees feel about work. That’s a lot of opportunity and a lot of power, but many employers fail to use it to help their employees and thereby, their businesses.

Offering more tailored benefit solutions for your employees is the key to ensuring you get and keep happy employees. Take a look at all of the benefits you can offer! Some of them are free or low-cost and can make a real difference to your employees.

Help your employees get and stay healthy, stay connected to their loved ones and be happy at work.

Improve culture and employee satisfaction with benefits that prioritize appreciation and promote healthy practices.

Empower your employees to take control of their health, well-being, finances, and professional development.

Benefits to Improve Employee Health & Wellness

Health Insurance

Health insurance benefits are critical to maintaining your employees’ health & welfare.

Gym Memberships or Discounts

Keep your employees healthy & happy with easier access to gyms.

Employee Activities or Clubs

Give employees the chance to make friends, share interests, and learn new things with coworkers.

Volunteering Program

Give employees a chance to give back & make their community a better place.


of employees said that volunteering together
strengthens relationships among colleagues.
– Deloitte

Wellness Program

Prioritize employee health & wellness with access to professionals to help employees feel their best.


of organizations with a wellness program rate their initiatives as somewhat or very effective in improving employee health.
– MetLife

Benefits to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Flexible Work Options

Give employees the ability to establish a healthy work life-balance.

Childcare Options at Work

Childcare options can ensure there is no interruption in productivity for your business & your employees can have peace of mind knowing their child is cared for.

Regular In-office Meals

Provide fuel for your employees so they can stay focused & motivated at work.

Generous PTO Policy

With generous time off, employees have ample opportunities to recharge, so they can avoid burnout and be productive.


of employees turn down professional opportunities
because they are concerned they will interfere with family commitments.
– MetLife

Casual Dress Code

Casual dress codes help keep your employees relaxed & comfortable while on the job.

Wellness Program

Give your employees the freedom to use their time off when it’s best for them.

Switching to an unlimited PTO policy can save companies $1,898 per employee.

Free Office Snacks

Help employees power through the day with free coffee & snacks.


of workers believe that food availability throughout the day contributes to their happiness at work.

Benefits to Gain Financial Peace of Mind

Retirement Plan

Help your employees feel secure and in control of their futures


of employers say a 401k is a ‘must have’ benefit.

Signing Bonus

Sweeten a job offer with signing bonus to increase morale & loyalty before starting a new job.

Commuter Benefits

Commuting to work is stressful, but covering costs makes it easier for employees to get to work.

Profit-sharing or Equity

Give employees’ ownership over their work by offering equity in the company

Company-paid Trips

Reward your employees with a trip to celebrate performance and tenure milestones.

Tuition Reimbursement

Prioritize professional development by reimbursing educational costs to improve your employees’ skills.


of employees would take or remain in a lowerpaying job if this benefit was offered.

Stock Ownership

Give employees the chance to invest in something they care about & have invested so much time in – the company.

Relocation & Moving Expenses

Make the stress of uprooting employees’ lives easier by covering moving expenses.

Professional Development & Training

Providing training and courses empowers your employees to do their best at work.


of employees voluntarily leave their jobs due to
lack of development and training.

Losing talent is pricey.

The world of work is changing. Employees expectations and needs are much different now than they used to be and employers are fighting to keep up. Losing that battle can be expensive; it costs thousands of dollars to replace employees that leave. Just look at how employee benefits can work for you and keep your organization competitive, if you offer them:

Increase employee productivity

A happy worker is 12-20% more productive than a miserable one.

Increase employee satisfaction & engagement

Gallup estimates disengaged employees cost the U.S. $50-$550 billion each year.
Companies with higher engagement demonstrate better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents and 21% higher profitability.

Reduce turnover & increase loyalty

It costs an employer 50-60% of a former employee’s salary to hire and train a replacement. But 73% of employees will stay loyal to their employees longer if they customize their benefits based on their personal information.

Reduce turnover & increase loyalty

It costs an employer 50-60% of a former employee’s salary to hire and train a replacement. But 73% of employees will stay loyal to their employees longer if they customize their benefits based on their personal information.

If this is all feeling a little overwhelming or unattainable, give us a call. We can help you build the best benefits and compensation plans for you and your employees. You can explore our services and PEO packages to get a feel for what we do here. When you’re ready, we can connect you with a benefits rep or business consultant to help you get started.

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