It’s that time of year again. The endless shopping, cooking and gift wrapping. We all love to spend time with our loved ones but there’s one thing we don’t fancy over and that is staying motivated at work through the holiday season. Research study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity found that 62% of companies experience a decrease in productivity levels. The holidays can be stressful but if you follow very closely you will help motivate your employees this holiday season.


Start by giving your employees a flexible schedule. People enjoy making money but working overtime and on paid holidays can cause huge amounts of stress on your employees. As an employer you are able to control the many stress related issues in the workplace. In a large business this may be easy for multiple employees to take time off at the same time but if you work around a small business stay organized by using a system to give everyone equal time off. You can do it in an order of who asked first, a lottery system or seniority. Have your employees choose dates when they want to be off and give it to them.

Consider giving your employees a floating holiday so they can take time off to honor their religious or cultural beliefs such as Hanukah, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa. Not giving them their time off can cause your employees to become distraught and could lower their productivity level. Accommodating different schedules may help employees maintain better work-life balance during the holiday season.


Many times when we are at work, the stress over the holidays may get the best of us. It will decrease our productivity, increase stress levels, and decrease our energy. Let your employees exercise during their shifts. Whether it’s a 15 minute walk or yoga session, your employees will appreciate some relaxation around the workplace. You can do it in groups or independent but the goal is to de-stress your employees so they can stay energized.


Bring on the holiday spirit. According to an NBC News survey, about 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas, so why not bring that Christmas joy into your workplace. Also, be aware not every of your employees may celebrate Christmas so make sure to count in the other holidays such as Kwanza andHanukah into your festivities. Start by decorating your workplace, make coming to work fun and festive. Have a holiday party arranged so you and your employees can mingle and take the time off from the workload. You can also bring gifts and play secret Santa.

This is the time of year where your employees want to feel appreciated so let them know that and you can include gift cards or bonuses to show your appreciation. SHRM staff asked Human Resource professionals, and only 23% give an annual or quarterly bonus for holiday shopping. Take holiday pictures and create greeting cards for your clients or customers. Share the holiday spirit with everyone and your employee’s motivation will increase in your workplace.


The time, money, and stress of holiday shopping and spreading holiday cheer is taxing on most people, including your employees. They have gifts to buy, parties to attend, and trips to plan, on top of managing their regular workload. So when your employees seem more lethargic between Thanksgiving and the New Year, these might be a few reasons why.