The whole world gets excited for the Olympics, so why not use that energy in your office? Celebrating can help improve company culture, employee engagement, and promote teamwork amongst employees.

Operating The Office Olympics

Paper airplane contest

Games are a great way to get employees involved, moving, and motivated. There’s a ton of research about the dangers of sitting at a desk all day so get employees up and moving with some games. This can be anything from a day, a week, to even the duration of the Olympics.

An opening ceremony is a perfect way to start the office Olympics. First, you’ll need to devise teams. Small groups, 4-7 people, are best because it allows for ample involvement. You can send out a survey to see who would like to be included and to help make teams. Also, it’s a good way to ensure no one feels too pressured to join. Try to intermix departments so people can interact with others. You can keep it traditional and name them after countries, or let the team members have some fun (and bonding time!) and come up with their own name.

Games don’t have to be complex. It can be as simple as tossing crumpled up papers into a recycling bin and seeing who can make it from furthest away. You could also take some tips from “The Office” and play “Hate Ball” (a paper football game), have a “Flokerton” race (strap boxes of paper to your feet and race) or see who can fit the most M&Ms inside their mouth. You can also stick to traditional games like a three-legged race, scavenger hunt or company trivia.

TrophiesIf this is a one-day only event take some time off in the afternoon around lunchtime to let people play. For a week, there’s no need for more than an hour a day, and if you’re going the duration of the Olympics an hour once a week should be plenty!

Finally the closing ceremonies. If you took the time to plan you can get plastic medals from Amazon or the party store. Give special mentions to people you thought were exceptional team players to motivate team building.

Hosting An Olympic Viewing Party

Don’t have the time or enough participants to host your own Olympics? That doesn’t mean you still can’t get into the spirit! Olympic events take place throughout the day so take a poll, see what employees would like to view the most and set up a little party. Here are some ideas.


International foods

The Olympics bring people from all over the world so bring the office together with food from all around the world.

Mini American Flags

Mini flags

Use little flags to show spirit and pride for whichever country your employees want to represent.

Score Cards

Create score cards

Scorecards are fun way to get employees involved right along with the judges! See who can get the closest to the score and whoever does gets a prize!

Olympics on TV

Watch the Olympics!

Friday afternoons can be dreary in an office. Set up a TV in the break room that has the games rolling. Leave out some snacks and drinks and people can pop by as they please or when they have a second!

Let your team get into the patriotic spirit this Olympic season!