EEO-1 Report

The Employer Information Report is known as the EEO-1 Survey and is required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The mandatory survey is completed by employers with 100 or more employees by March 1st every year.

The EEO-1 collects information on a company’s employment data including the race, gender and job category of each employee. The EEOC is forbidden from disclosing company data reflected in the EEO-1. The data collected is used to analyze employment information of minorities and women in the workforce.

The EEOC has several different versions of the report depending on the number of establishments an employer may have. If an employer operates from a single site, they are only required to complete one EEO-1 survey. However, an employer with multiple locations, must report employee data for each site. There are several forms that the employer will be required to complete. Sites with greater than 50 employees must complete the EEO-1 Type 2 – Consolidated Report, Type 3 – Headquarters Report, and Type 4 – Establishment Report. Sites with fewer than 50 employees must complete the EEO-1 Type 8 – Establishment Report or Type 6 – Establishment List. Companies with sites outside of the US need not file an EEO-1 survey for those locations. The EEO-1 survey is only required for those sites within the US and its territories.

Companies wishing to view prior year data, may gather this information from the online EEOC website. Errors in reporting cannot be corrected after filing has been completed, therefore it is very important that companies gather accurate and factual data pertaining to gender and ethnicity of its employees. Reconciliation reports are also provided to employers online when the EEO-1 Survey does not match with the detailed reports.

Should a company fail to file the EEO-1 report by the required deadline, they will no longer be permitted to file a survey for that plan year. Significant penalties may be leveraged against a company should they fail to comply with EEOC standards and regulations including completing the EEO-1 report by the required deadline.