Recruiting is the process of searching and pooling candidates with specific skills and abilities to fill open positions within an organization. The process involves the development of job descriptions, recruiting candidates, and selecting the ideal candidate for a position. When an employer creates a new position, they must analyze the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the position. The hiring manager or recruiter will update an existing job description or develop a new job description for the role based on the position’s requirements. Once a good job description is created, the job is posted and candidates apply to the position. From the pool of applicants, the company will select the best qualified individuals and interview them for the role. The human resources team should thoroughly analyze all of its candidates to ensure that the right candidate is selected for the role. Hiring the wrong candidate could be a costly mistake for an organization.

Organizations manage the recruiting process using their human resources team, managers, and recruiters. They will often seek assistance from employment agencies to complement their recruiting process and increase the pool of applicants. Many have also implemented cutting-edge recruiting technology to help facilitate the application process and further increase the number of applicants. A good system will disqualify candidates that don’t meet the minimum requirements for the position and will provide the hiring manager with a better selection of qualified applicants.

The process of sourcing applicants for a position may involve internal and external candidates. Companies often use different sources for promoting a position using social media (such as LinkedIn), newspapers, online recruiting sites (such as, internal job boards, and ads. With so many methods of attracting talent, good companies often receive an abundant amount of applicants.

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