Wellness Benefits

Wellness benefits are offered to employees as a compliment to their current insurance plans. It increases employee well-being and health over the long run, encouraging positive and healthy lifestyles. Research indicates that healthy employees increase overall productivity, boost morale, and reduce work-related stress. Wellness programs encourage employees to make better lifestyle choices. In turn, improved lifestyle choices, result in reduced health care costs and absenteeism.

Employees enjoy wellness benefits because they are motivational and fun. They tend to feel happier and inadvertently increase job satisfaction. These programs foster and build a sense of community amongst employees, creating a feeling of accomplishment, improved physical fitness, weight loss and improved habits.

Unfortunately, many of these programs are underutilized by employees. Human resources teams must work diligently to communicate and engage the workforce to ensure that they are aware of the many wellness benefits offered by the company. Better communication can result in improved understanding of plan benefits and goals. HR must also work to motivate employees and offer support. Some employees enjoy these programs but at times find no time to participate in them. Many companies will provide rewards or incentives to increase participation in their programs.

There are numerous types of wellness benefit programs currently offered to employees including:

  • Smoking cessation programs

  • Weight loss

  • Stress management

  • Company gym

  • Workout rooms

  • Recreational programs

  • Sports teams

  • Medical Screenings

  • Flu Shots

Many companies offer wellness programs as an additional incentive for employees. These programs assist in company recruiting efforts. They engage current employees and increase their involvement and comradery within the organization. To ensure that money, time, and effort is not wasted on these programs, a company’s HR team should work diligently on educating, engaging, and encouraging participation in wellness benefits. Constant communication via provider events, emails, posters, and website announcements can increase employee awareness and participation in these programs.