TITLE II – ASSISTANCE FOR AMERICAN WORKERS, FAMILIES, AND BUSINESSES (Unemployment Insurance Provisions, A.K.A. ‘Relief for Workers Affected by Coronavirus Act’)

Sometimes, there’s just not existing work that can be assigned, due to pandemic-related business downturn or the impossibility of telework. The new CARES act ensures that employees are better-equipped to weather a furlough (temporary) or a layoff. Extra assistance (time-wise and monetarily) will be administered through the existing State Unemployment Insurance offices, via their existing processes. The CARES act provides for an extra $600 per week of Unemployment Insurance compensation, added to the State’s normal maximum weekly benefit, for a total of 13 weeks more than before.

Individuals who DO qualify for up to 39 total weeks of the extra unemployment compensation under the Act, due to events that have taken place since 1/27/2020 and through 12/31/2020:

  • Have exhausted (or aren’t eligible for) regular unemployment insurance and other benefits under FFCRA AND Self-certify that they are available, able and willing to work but can’t because:
    • …of all the same reasons covered under the FFCRA’s Emergency Paid Sick Leave rules, or:
    • They have just become the main breadwinner of their household because the former head of household has died due to Covid-19;
    • They had to quit their job directly due to Covid-19;
    • Their workplace is closed due to the Covid-19 public health emergency;
    • They are self-employed, seeking part-time employment, do not have sufficient work history or would otherwise not qualify for regular Unemployment Insurance benefits.
    • Is partially unemployed.
    • They meet any additional criteria established by the Secretary if Labor for UI assistance under this section.

Individuals who do NOT qualify are those who:

  • Have an opportunity to telework for their regular pay.
  • Who are currently receiving (or eligible to receive) paid sick leave benefits under the FFCRA (80 hours of emergency sick leave or the extended 10-week FMLA portion of such.

This extra assistance will be retroactive where applicable, as far back as 1/27/2020. The Secretary of Labor will establish the process by which this will be determined.