Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Health care costs areon the rise.

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a smart way to help your employees save for medical expenses not covered by insurance that they may encounter throughout the year. An FSA allows your employees to save more money by contributing pre-tax dollars, which means they pay less income taxes overall. The funds can be used throughout the year on qualified medical, dental, vision or qualified dependent care expenses to help reduce out-of-pocket costs.

An FSA is a good complement to a robust benefits package to attract and retain top talent

FSAs reduce the taxable income for employees, contributing to their financial security

An FSA creates peace of mind for the employee, knowing they have a cushion for any medical expenses that may arise

Basic Plan Features

Funds deducted on pre-tax basis

Benefits run on a calendar year

Employee pays with Discover Benefits debit card for qualified expenses, or employee pays out of pocket and requests reimbursement

Additional Benefits Support

Employee benefits communication & education

Annual Rate Review

Open enrollment administration

Research employee benefits questions

Employee eligibility, change tracking & processing

Annual benefit comparison

Benefit plan premium reconciliation & payment

Automatic Payroll Deductions

Become an employer of choice with benefits like a flexible spending account.

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