Life insurance through work is aneasy way for employees toprotect their families

It offers your employees peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be taken care of financially should an accidental death or disability occur. XcelHR’s life insurance plan offers your employees financial security at a low cost, and offers employers a variety of benefits.

Increase workers’ satisfaction with tangible workplace benefits

Enhance employer benefits packages to attract and retain talent

Improve productivity and engagement by promoting employee well-being and financial wellness

Basic Plan Features

MetLife Life Insurance through XcelHR manages:

Plan administration

Enrollment for employees

Answers employee questions regarding plan

Sync with our HRIS system

Set-up automatic payroll deductions for employees

Confidence in knowing we have your back when it comes to reviewing plan details and enrollment

Payments from a life insurance plan can be used towards:

Replacing lost income

Covering basic living expenses

Paying household debts, estate taxes and funeral expenses

Funding a child’s education

Supplementing retirement savings

Additional Benefits Support

Employee benefits communication & education

Annual Rate Review

Open enrollment administration

Research employee benefits questions

Employee eligibility, change tracking & processing

Annual benefit comparison

Benefit plan premium reconciliation & payment

Automatic Payroll Deductions

Become an employer of choice with benefits like life insurance.

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