Protect every member of the family  including the furry ones

Offering pet insurance shows you care about what matters most to your employees – their pets. Pet insurance can help alleviate some of the cost and worry associated with caring for your employees’ pets’ health and wellbeing.

Basic Plan Features

Pets play an important role in your employees’ lives. Pet parents spend over $29.3B on vet care annually. 24% have also gone into credit card or personal loan debt as a result. Help make sure they are protected in case of an accident or illness. Pet insurance from MetLife includes:

Coverage for accidental injuries and illnesses and more

Short wait periods

Easy 3-step enrollment process

Coverage for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds

Hassle-free claims

Multichannel support options

Additional Benefits Support

Employee benefits communication & education

Annual Rate Review

Open enrollment administration

Research employee benefits questions

Employee eligibility, change tracking & processing

Annual benefit comparison

Benefit plan premium reconciliation & payment

Automatic Payroll Deductions

Why You Should Enroll

Become an employer of choice with benefits like a flexible spending account.

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