Show employees you care by offering a 401K Mep plan

Retirement plans can help employees feel more secure and in control in the face of an uncertain future. XcelHR’s 401k MEP plan gives you access to retirement benefits that offer peace of mind for now, and security for later.

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What is a 401k MEP Plan?

A 401K Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) is a retirement savings program where multiple, unaffiliated businesses participate in a single retirement plan.


XcelHR acts as the plan sponsor & trustee.

Slavic401k serves as the back office and takes on the responsibility for day-to-day plan management. Investment advisors help our clients and their employees make investment decisions in their best interest.





XcelHR’s 401k MEP plan avoids many of the challenges employers face when trying to adopt a retirement plan on their own, including:

  • Cost
  • Legal & regulatory requirements
  • Liability concerns
  • Time
  • Depth of knowledge to understand plan value & structure
Start Saving

Prepare for your golden years

XcelHR's 401K MEP plan gives you access to unmatched expertise to help you and your employees secure your retirement and maintain your independence and control.

Low cost plan

Our increased buying power means added cost savings for our clients through lower plan fees.

No audit cost

You get back the time, energy and cost that is normally associated with conducting an annual audit.

Effective employee communication

We communicate plan benefits and distribute plan notices and quarterly benefit statements to participating employees.

Customize your plan

You can choose your own vesting schedule, eligibility requirements, and corporate match.

Integrate with payroll

We can set up automatic payroll deductions for your employees, increasing efficiency and reducing responsibilities.

No cost for Form 5500 filing

We manage Form 5500 filings to the Department of Labor so you are always in compliance with benefits regulations.

Retirement Plans are a Win-Win

Offering a retirement plan is rewarding for you, your business, and your employees.

  • Attract and retain exceptional employees
  • Help your employees feel financially prepared for the future
  • Enjoy tax benefits that come along with tax-deductible employer contributions
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in your own retirement plan
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of employers say a 401k (or other retirement plan) is a "must have" benefit.