ConnectHR Software

What is Connect?

Connect is XcelHR’s cloud-based, paperless human resources software. The all-inclusive software combines time & attendance, onboarding, document management, and payroll processing on one platform. The user-friendly interface and customizable menu is tailored to meet your company’s unique requirements.

Our Core Beliefs & Values

What does it do?

Onboard your employees, track employee hours, run payroll reports, enroll into benefits, manage ALL of your day-to-day HR policies, and more with Connect.

Paperless Onboarding

  • Streamlined process for adding new employees
  • Custom checklist of new hire onboard documents
  • Auto-populate repetitive data fields
  • Online monitoring during the entire onboarding process
  • Reduces physical space required to maintain sensitive documentation in a secure environment

Payroll Processing

  • Integration with Connect and several third party timekeeping systems
  • Flexible timesheet options with multiple pay types and pay rates
  • Detailed summary of hours and earnings available

Employee Information

  • Easy access for authorized users to detail employee data (pay rate, tax, pto)
  • Flexibility to create custom fields for reporting
  • License, certifications and equipment tracking
  • View and print check stubs and year-to-date earnings
  • Alerts of employee changes (tax, address, I-9, etc)

Document Management

  • Secure cloud storage available 24/7
  • Ability to restrict and share digital filing cabinet access with employees
  • Fast upload of documents
  • Dedicated space for knowledge base and company information

Secure Access

  • Options to restrict IP address log-in
  • Audit log reports
  • Authentication process for password resets

Flexible Reporting Options

  • Standard payroll reports (invoice, calculate checks and deductions)
  • Custom reports can be created for all available data fields
  • Historical view of changes to employee information

Connect simplifies HR for you and your team

Integrate systems and processes to save time and money,
and improve compliance.

It’s always better together

Unify HR, payroll, time-keeping, and benefits data and processes in one platform.

Achieve strategic vision

Make more informed HR decisions with 24/7 accessibility to your company information.

Sidestep HR blunders

Avoid data entry errors and save time with software that does the double-checking for you.

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