Another year is coming to an end, marking these past 12 months as a year of advancement, growth, and hard work. Soon the new year will be here, so why not seize the moment and make this holiday season a time to honor the employees who made this year a success? These employees worked hard to further positive results on your profit line, so why not take the time to reward them?

According to Fox Business, recognition is one of the key motivators employees use to better their performance in the workplace. This survey says that sixty-nine percent of American employees would work harder if they were more appreciated. Thus, recognizing your employees’ performance will boost their morale, foster a spirit of excellence, and prevent anyone from leaving the company feeling burned out or unappreciated.

Use the year-end evaluations or celebrations to congratulate your high-performing employees for a job well done. Sometimes saying “Thank you or keep up the good work” goes a long way—especially if you truly mean it!

End of Year evaluations, bonuses, and promotions

End of year evaluations is the perfect time to identify, analyze, and communicate with your employees his or her professional hurdles and triumphs. If their work performance were satisfactory or above average, give them a bonus, promotion, or raise. Monetary bonuses will show them they are valued and make them feel like their hard work paid off. They will feel appreciated by the company.

Furthermore, the end of year evaluations are the perfect backdrops to discuss areas where the employee’s performance slumped throughout the year. Use this time to provide your observations on what the employee did well to get back on track. Talking about success stories will inspire employees to work hard with a boost of self-confidence.

Recognition events and year-end celebrations

It only takes a couple of hours to throw a year-end employee recognition celebration. However, the impact it has on your workers will be remembered into the new year and beyond. So why not take this golden opportunity to make a strategic impact?

Most companies throw their annual holiday parties in the middle of December, along with other recognition events. But you can consolidate those activities into one big event, by starting the party with an exquisite buffet dinner and ending the program with the distribution of personalized trophies or plaques. To jazz up the vibe of your party, introduce something new like a Themed Happy Hour, Night out in town, or a little Magic Show:

  • A Themed Happy Hour: Introduce a signature drink, door prizes, and festive decorations, then add a twist by asking everyone to dress as a colleague.
  • A Night out in Town: Charter a bus and treat everyone to an elegant dinner at a local venue or a concert, followed by a catered after-party. Make sure that transportation is covered and allow your employees to come in an hour or two late the next day, if your event takes place on a weekday.
  • A Little Magic Show: An illusionist can take a traditional office party up a notch. Throw in some hors d’ oeuvres, catered dinner or a dessert bar and you’ve created a night to remember.


When choosing year-end employee recognition awards, it’s essential to keep quality in mind, first and foremost. You want that award to really stick with the honoree, giving them something to be proud of. If you are unsure of the type of awards you should give at your next celebration, here are three main awards you should always include:

  • Employee of the Year Award: This top honor should be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Customer Service Award: One of the main reasons’ clients stay loyal, and customers come back again and again, is stellar customer service. It’s the last bastion of dignity in the corporate world and deserves a beautiful tribute.
  • Top Sales Award: The art of sales cannot be overemphasized. Where would a company be without its sales team? For the salesperson that always goes the extra mile and keeps trying when others would have long ago given up.

Recognizing your employees during the holiday season is an easy but effective way to make a long-lasting impression on them. These acts of recognition will boost their spirit, motivate them to work harder and stay at the company longer. If you need further assistance on how to build a recognition program for your company, please contact us at We are here to help you xcelerate the growth of your business.