which labor laws apply based on the number of employees you have

There are quite a few employment and labor laws, rules, and regulations to follow when you own and manage a business. Many of them are required as soon as you hire your first employee, others apply as you grow. Compliance in these areas is essential. You don’t have just your business to think about - these laws ultimately exist to protect prospective and current employees.

The Department of Labor (DOL) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are two of the primary governing bodies for much of employment and labor laws and regulations. Many of these regulations are continuously evolving in order to keep up with changing work trends, political landscapes, etc. Which means you have to keep up with changing compliance requirements too. So, we compiled a list of major employment and labor laws and regulations that apply based on the number of employees you have. There is a brief description for each regulation, along with links to help you learn more about rules that apply to your business.

Use the dropdown menu below to explore which employment laws apply based on number of employees.

*Note – the number of employees is the only variable here, so learn more about regulations to determine if they apply to your business.

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