The holiday season is here! Most likely it snuck up on you or maybe you just aren’t in the mood to celebrate this year. We get it; it’s been a tough year. But we think that is all the more reason to do something special for your employees during the holidays. However, under current circumstances, you have more restrictions on how your employees can safely interact with each other. How can you feel connected when you’re physically apart? We’ve got some ideas to help you blow off steam safely without compromising on fun.

Virtual or remote holiday office party ideas

We know a virtual holiday party is not ideal, but the situation has its upsides. Generally, remote, virtual parties are easier, faster, and less expensive to plan and host than a traditional office holiday party. Your staff that normally starts planning months in advance for a party, has more time and less stress than in years past. A virtual gathering gives all of your staff a chance to enjoy the season without the headaches and stress of making sure everything is perfect.

Dare we say it, but a virtual holiday party could end up making people happier and feeling more connected than a traditional party. When gatherings can’t be held in person, you are going to have to be more in tune with what your employees really want, who they are and what matters to them. When you’re less focused on putting on the party, you can focus on who it’s actually for and why you’re doing it.

Host a class or lesson

Many companies are now making it easier to do things like cooking or painting classes from the comfort of your own home. They prepare the ingredients or tools necessary and send them to your employees. Employees can follow along via video with the instructor.

Online events

More and more companies are opting for experiences that can be done exclusively online. Think things like virtual escape rooms, talent shows, games, happy hours or trivia. It’s easy to find companies that provide these services for free or at a low cost that allow all of your employees to participate virtually. Do it during the day so it feels like an extra special treat. Send a box with holiday decorations and party hats to make things feel festive.

Personalized gifts

If your employees have been working remotely for some time now, and they live in different cities or states, sending gifts to their homes might be the best option. You could send a cookie decorating kit, charcuterie, a picnic in a box – literally anything. Maybe it’s a gift card to a restaurant or store they love or a streaming service they use. Employees can enjoy the gifts on their own or with their families.

More time

Rather than providing gifts to your employees, you can offer things that make their lives easier. With the money you save from not putting on a party, you can offer your employees a holiday bonus or extra paid time off (PTO) so they have more time with their families. Money spent can be more useful and personal, and therefore more appreciated.

Community service

To spread the love, consider finding ways you can give back to your community during the holidays. Partner with a local charity to collect gifts or food for those in need during the holidays. You can provide the gift wrap for your employees, and maybe foster some friendly competition by giving the team or department that collects the most a reward.

Socially distanced outdoor activities

With cases on the rise, we don’t recommend in-person activities. However, if this is the way you decide to go, follow these safety guidelines:

  • Abide by state and local ordinances regarding group gatherings.
  • Ensure employees and attendees wear masks at all times.
  • Provide handwashing and sanitation stations.
  • Take temperatures before arriving or entering the activity.
  • Ensure weather conditions are appropriate for an outdoor activity.
  • Review the CDC’s guidelines regarding gatherings and coronavirus best practices.

If your employees feel comfortable with in-person activities and you can safely social distance, here are some activities that can be done safely in person.

Drive in movie

Host your own drive-in movie in the parking lot at your office or pay for entrance at a local drive-in theater. Employees can bring their families and stay safely in their vehicles. You can provide pre-packaged snacks or provide a stipend to cover food, candy or drinks at the theater. The hardest part will be picking a movie!

Ice skating

Rent out an ice-skating rink for a few hours for employees and their families to enjoy a nostalgic winter activity. Provide hot cocoa and cider to keep people warm and happy. Bonus points if you rent during the day so employees can get some extra time away from work.

Holiday light displays

Many cities have holiday light displays that capture the holiday spirit that can be enjoyed by foot or car. You can provide entry for employees and they can bring their families.

Whatever you decide to do, keep it safe, keep it happy. Everyone deserves some rest, peace and joy this time of year. Contrary to popular belief, those feelings can come from work. As an employer, do your part to get to know your employees needs and the rest will fall into place. Happy holidays!